From our Technical Department we follow the manufacture of our products closely. We have our own laboratory where we control all stages of composting and ensure the quality of the organic substrata and fertilizers through analysis of their physical-chemical characteristics. We advise our clients in the selection of the most appropriate mixes needed to obtain the best performance from different types and products.We can manufacture “mixes to order”, offering our clients the possibility to choose the premium materials they
consider appropriate.

We prepare personalised technical data sheets (order them to [email protected]). They come with the products and include their description, the results of the parameters obtained in the laboratory and recommendations for their use.We offer guidance in the selection of our Garden Decoration Accessories (grindings, natural stones, crossing timbers, wood for exterior use, mesh, borders, etc), seeking the most competitive option possible to achieve the best results.To carry out any type of technical query, use the following contact form.  It helps us to improve when our customers take part in what we do.