Ecomanglar. Technical Substrates

Substrates from vegetal sources using pine bark, peat moss, cocopeat, coco chips, expanded clay, perlite or vermiculite. Universal potting soil, soil improvers, seed cover substrate, substrate for seeding and plant production, green roof soils. Special mixes. Substrates and soil improvers certificate as input in ecological farming.


Stone Planters

Products for landscaping and gardening. Natural mulch: Pine bark, pine wood mulch Aggregates, gravels, pebbles and cobbles, decorative glass and slate, natural rocks, boulders and large feature stones. Artificial grass. Aluminum edging, weed control fabrics and geotextiles, resin binder and gravel stabilization systems. Urban vegetable Gardens, green walls and gabions.


Picnic Table

Pressure-treated outdoor timber. Railway sleepers and ecological sleepers. Round sanded and semisanded posts, square posts. Timber fences. Log roll borders and fixed log panel. Ground spikes, ties and collars. Picnic tables, urban vegetalbe gardes tables, pérgolas, planters, decking. Timber for gardening and building.

Biomass for Energy

Domestic Biomass

Biomass for both domestic and industrial use, biomass for energy production (cogeneration). Biomass from the forest, agricultural and industrial sector, as alternative to fossil fuels and eco-friendly. Wood chips, pellets, sawdust, almond Shell, recycled Wood chips or crushed urban pruning.

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